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Meet Sereda, Your Companion in Wholistic Health

Inspiring Healthier Lives through Nutrition, Education, and Empathy

Rooted in your personal health coach, Sereda’s, passion for health, Healthy Journey for Wellness offers you an alternative path to wellness. Discover our journey, mission, and commitment to empowering you to live a healthier, longer life.

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About Sereda

Your personal health coach, Sereda, is not just a certified Wholistic health coach but a passionate health advocate who deeply cares about each person she meets. Her journey began with a strong passion for health and wellbeing, nurtured by her personal experiences and desire to assist others. She took action after being moved by the struggles of many people who are plagued by chronic conditions and medication dependencies, and she made it her mission to provide an alternative that is a healthier path to take.

Your health is your wealth, and at Healthy Journey for Wellness, Sereda understands this better than anyone. For us, the story begins with the simple idea that everyone deserves a healthier, longer, and happier life. We are committed to promoting a Wholistic approach to health, focusing on prevention, education, and natural options to common health problems. In order to do this, we want you to know your health score.

It's not easy to see people suffering from various ailments. The sight of people struggling, often resorting to an endless cycle of medications, ignites our passion. Our goal is to break this cycle and make people aware that there is an alternative to the conventional healthcare model. Sereda's empathy for those who are ill is what fuels our commitment to providing Wholistic health options.

The Power of Wholistic Health

At Healthy Journey for Wellness, we firmly believe that your body is more powerful than you've been led to believe. Armed with the right nutrition and guidance, it has the amazing ability to heal and thrive. We’ve seen firsthand how the combination of natural supplements, lifestyle changes, and nutritional education can bring about incredible transformations.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our expertise isn’t just in our certification. It's in the personal experiences, the stories of transformation, and the passion we put into our work. Our trustworthiness stems from our commitment to our customers and our firm belief in the products and services we offer. We don't just recommend something; we stand behind it because we've seen the results.

Our Commitment

Every person’s health journey is unique, which is why we commit to providing personalized guidance and support to all who seek our help. Whether it’s your first step towards a healthier lifestyle or you're seeking options to chronic conditions, our commitment remains the same – to guide you, to support you, and to celebrate with you every victory along your health journey.

Join Our Journey

If you're tired of health struggles, if you yearn for a better way, you're not alone.

We invite you to join us on this journey of health and longevity. Through education, support, and the power of Wholistic health, we can rewrite your health story together.

Start your journey by completing our Health Evaluation

Get Your Own Personalized Health Evaluation

Answer the questions in relation to the last 30 days. 0=not at all, 1=rarely, 2=occasionally, 3=often, 4=frequently, 5=all the time or controlled by pharmaceuticals. Once the evaluation is complete, you and I will both receive an email of the results. We will discuss them together during our follow up.

Health Evaluation Disclaimer:

The statements made by your Health Coach have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please understand that, for legal reasons, we have to let you know that our products are not meant to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure any diseases. This email is meant to present nutritional information only and is in no way meant to replace the advice of your medical doctor.